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Spin the Wheel of Ra, Win Tourney Tickets Every Day on 888poker

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The Ancient Egyptians prophesied a lot of things in their day - from doomsday scenarios to the downfall of Egypt as a world superpower.

They somehow never predicted they'd be the central figures of a new, $1 million online poker promotion. Or even the invention of online poker itself!

Crazy world we live in, yeah?

Still centuries after the heyday of the Egyptian empire and the rule of Cleopatra, online poker players at 888poker can take advantage of a blessing of gifts bestowed upon them by the Sun God, Ra.

Spin That Wheel!

Let's make things a little clearer from that melodramatic intro.

From now until July 30, 888poker players can simply log in to their 888 accounts and find a pop-up waiting for them everyday with a prize to be won.

The pop-up is the Wheel of Ra and on it are eight portions each doling out the gift of a tournament ticket or cash.

Spin the wheel and you'll win one of the following prizes:

  • 1 ticket to a $500 Pharaoh’s Tournament (runs four times a day)
  • 2 tickets to a $500 Pharaoh’s Tournament
  • A $1 BLAST tournament ticket
  • A $3 sportsbetting credit
  • A $5 casino credit
  • 1 ticket to a $2,000 Sphinx Tournament (runs twice a day)
  • 1 ticket to a $4,000 Tutankhamun Tournament (runs once every day)
  • 1 ticket to a $10,000 Ramses Tournament (runs once every week)

Every spin is guaranteed a winner and no spins come up empty. All 888poker players are eligible and no deposit or points are required.

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More Tickets, More Prizes!

A daily spin of the wheel isn't the only way you can win, though.

sphinx coin

Play any of the above mentioned tournaments, finish in the top 3,000 players and you'll get an instant ticket to the next level up.

You can also complete several easy, daily challenges to get even more tourney tickets:

  • Win a $1 BLAST tournament – Get a ticket to Pharaoh tourney
  • Win 4 $1 Blast Tournaments - Get a ticket to the Sphinx
  • Win 8 1 Blast Tournaments  - Get a ticket for the Tutankhamun

Win SNAP cash game hands, bet $1 on casino games and place sports bets ton win even more.

Keep your eyes open for an appearance by the legendary Cleopatra, too. If she pops by your tourney and you finish in the top 100 you'll get a share of 600,000 gold tokens. Look for the gold coin next to your table to see if she's arrived.

All told 888poker is giving out $1m in cash and prize over the course of the promo so don't miss out - get in the game now! Create a new account right here