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Is Position Important in Pot-Limit Omaha Poker? PLO Strategy

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In Texas hold'em, few players can argue against the importance of position. In Omaha, however, it may not be as clear whether or not position matters. The answer is an emphatic yes, for much the same reasons.


Position in Pot Limit Omaha

In Pot-Limit Omaha, position is crucial; perhaps even more so than in No-Limit Texas Hold'em.

In No-Limit Texas Hold'em, a player with position has more information than players who preceded him. However in Pot-Limit Omaha, the player with position not only has more information, he has more options.

This is because if an early position player raises early in a PLO pot, the late position player can usually call without committing too many of his chips. However, the late position player can also re-raise an amount that may be prohibitive to the early position player since the pot size may have now doubled.

For this reason, there are occasions where it may be correct to attempt to get all-in or close to all-in before the flop if you are in early position with a strong hand. You can do this by check-raising or re-raising another early position player.

Position in Fixed Limit Omaha

The consequences of position in Fixed-Limit Omaha are not as potentially devastating as in Pot-Limit Omaha but can still be quite important. If a dangerous flop comes in Omaha, it is usually very foolhardy to take a stab at the pot given all the possible card combinations that are out there.

However, due to the danger of allowing opponents to draw at a hand, it is much less likely than in hold'em that an opponent will draw at a strong hand. Therefore, if everyone checks a flop to you in Omaha, you have a better chance of stealing a pot with a bet than in many hold'em situations.

Position in Omaha Hi Lo

Just as in Omaha high, having position in Omaha hi lo does confer an advantage. If you have a hand that plays much better for low, you may be much more inclined to play if several players have already limped in.

A multi-way pot can lead to a profitable split. If you call in early position and most of the other players behind you fold, you may find yourself playing for half the pot with a negative EV situation.

This is why, just as in hold'em, you should tighten up your starting hand requirements the earlier you act in the hand.