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PokerStars Rolls Out New "Treasure Chests" Rewards Program

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Have you played on PokerStars in a while? Or ever before?

If you haven't you might be pleasantly surprised by its new rewards program, rolled out today, which brings big value to the recreational player.

Players are rewarded for every cent they pay in rake with various "treasure chest" that offer tourney tickets, cash back and more.

Net depositors also get increasing benefits while winning players see their benefits decrease.

How to Get Started with Stars Rewards

The new system is very easy to follow but you do need to sign up for Stars Rewards to become a member. That's also easy, though, as you will be prompted to click on a button and once you do, you're in.

Now when you log in to your account (Don't have one yet? Download and create one via our PokerStars review to get an up to $600 bonus) you'll see a status bar up in the top right of your screen that that tells you your current Reward Points.

Whenever you play real-money poker hands or play casino games or make sports bets you get Reward Points in return. For poker, for every $1 you pay in rake you get 100 reward points.

When your status bar has been filled, you get a chest.  

You also get access to what's called a "Boost," which is double the rate for Reward Points. So once you've completed the boost requirement you'll get double the points added.

What's in the Chests?

The are six different levels of chests you can be rewarded with, red, blue, bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Which color you receive is dependant on the number of reward points you need and differ from player to player depending on how much you play and your stakes/deposit levels.

Red is the smallest chest and most easily reached. It has a top prize of $100, but that is awarded randomly. The Platinum and Gold Chests have a top prize of $1,000.

What's inside the chest also depends. They usually contain StarsCoins and Reward Points but also give out tournament tickets, cash or packages to PokerStars Live events.

Earn four chests in 24 hours you'll be upgraded to a bigger chest. Watch for the status bar to turn blue as it will warn you when you're getting close to an upgrade.

For a complete look at your Stars Coins, how much you need to accumulate and the rewards you can get in the chests, just look under your My Stars tab.

Good luck at the tables and happy treasure hunting!


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