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Poker Room Growth Not Slowing Down

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Anyone who held the notion that the online poker boom is over and that poker's popularity is decreasing should think again;.

Traffic reports from the end of 2007 and the first two months of 2008 indicate that poker room traffic is still on the rise.

It's the already firmly established, large poker rooms that are growing the most. PokerStars - the leading online poker room in terms of traffic for quite a while - is still growing at an impressive rate.

At peak hours, the player volume at PokerStars usually reaches well over 20,000 simultaneous players, and the 24 hour average is almost 14,000 players - and that's only counting the cash games. The traffic volume in tournaments is considerably higher.

While no other poker room can compete with the traffic at PokerStars at present, Full Tilt Poker is also a huge poker room and similarly growing. Its 24 hour average in cash game traffic is rapidly approaching 8,000 simultaneous players.

The iPoker network, with leading poker room Titan Poker, also boasts quite a bit of growth. It's now the largest of the networks with more than 5,000 cash game players on average, and peak traffic of over 10,000 players.