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partypoker Title Fight Hits $325k GTD, Win Your Seat for 1c

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The biggest weekly tournament on partypoker is Sunday evening's $215 buy-in, $300k Guaranteed Title Fight.

That doesn't tell the whole story, though, as partypoker has a couple of twists that could make it worth as much as, well, any tournament in online poker.

You can also find yourself playing in it for as little as 1 cent.

Extra $25,000 Added Every Time Guarantee is Met

Just how big can partypoker's Title Fight guarantee get? Well, according to them, that's up to you. 

When it launched the new signature Sunday event late last year partypoker announced it will boost the prize pool $25,000 every time it hits the guarantee.

The sky's the limit on that increase, too. As long as the GTD gets met the next week will have another $25,000 added -- meaning the prize pool could hit $500,000 in just a couple of months.

On February 12 they did exactly that so this past weekend's Title Fight guaranteed $325,000 - of which poker pro Adrian Mateos took the lion's share as he won the crown for $54,133. Unfortunately for next week the guarantee wasn't met this time but it worked out well for those already in as it made for a $50k overlay and amazing value.

Expect the guarantee to be met again this weekend, though, and that prize pool to begin climbing again.

Qualify for as Little as 1 Cent

On to the more important details - how can you get your own share of it? Besides the direct route of simply buying in for $215, there are plenty of cheaper options to get your seat in the tournament.

partypoker is now hosting “Centrolls” every day that cost just 1 penny to enter. Finish in the money in one of those and you'll get an instant ticket to a $1.10 qualifier.

Finish in the money in the $1.10 and you'll win a $5.50 ticket; cash in the $5.50 and you'll find yourself with enough to sit in a $22 qualifier. Now you're in Title Fight territory. $22 buy-in Title Fight tickets tournaments run several times daily with 150 Title Fight tickets available every week.

if you've stockpiled a bunch of partypoker points, you can also use those to buy yourself right in to a Title Fight satellite. Silver level players can exchange 600 points for a $22 ticket; Gold level need to cash in just 300 points and Palladium level need just 220 points for a $22 ticket.

If you want to cut right to the chase, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Palladium level players can exchange 1,720 points for a $215 ticket and play for the glory on Sunday night.

Jump into the game at partypoker via our review page and you'll also be eligible for a $500 sign up bonus.