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New BLAST Hyper Turbos with $300k Jackpots Shake It Up at 888poker

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Just when you thought high-speed, jackpot sit & gos couldn't get any more exciting, here comes a BLAST from 888poker.

The new 4-player, hyper turbo SnGs on 888poker crank the speed up a notch further with a time-clock countdown and forced all ins.

With buy-in multipliers from 2x to 10,000x, the jackpots can also be life-changing - and can happen in the blink of an eye.

Winner Takes All Except For Big Multipliers

If you've ever played the ultra popular Spin & Gos on PokerStars you'll be familiar with the formula.

Players buy in to an SNG - in this case the new BLAST Jackpot SNGs are four-handed as opposed to PokerStars' three-handed Spin & Gos - and a multiplier spins to set what the prize pool will be.

Buy-ins range from 10 cents to $1, $5 and $30. Multipliers range between 2x and 5x, where the majority of results will end up, up to 1,000x and 10,000x.

For the lower range, the SNG plays as "Winner Takes All."  For the 1,000x or 10,000x multiplier all players get at least 10% of the prize pool. 

At 1,000x prize pools range from $100 to $30,000. At 10,000x prize pools go from $1,000 all the way up to an astounding $300,000.

Race Against the Clock

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The big twist with BLAST Sit & Gos is the time clock, which is set between 6 and 12 minutes, depending on your buy-in level. For most BLAST games play is set  6 minutes, or three levels.

Once this clock expires players are forced all-in every hand until there's a winner.

For recreational players they're a great way to level the playing field as they turn into an all-in fest very quickly.

That takes away the edge from much more experienced poker tournament players and makes a big jackpot accessible to anyone at virtually any buy-in.

The odds of hitting the 1,000x or 10,000x multiplier? Each is about 10 games in 1 million.

Given the massive popularity of lottery-style SNGs on all sorts of poker sites, it was inevitable 888 jumped into the mix and its first foray is, well, a BLAST.

To try them out, download the 888poker software via our review page and get an $888 bonus.