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Got 4 Hours? Win Cash on partypoker Quick-Fire SnG Leaderboard

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Got a little bit of free time on the weekends?

You'll want to take advantage of partypoker's new Quick-Fire SnG Leaderboards, then.

Every four hours you can win cash and tournament tickets just by playing sit-n-gos.

Every SnG player is automatically a part and you'll earn points for every one you play.

Play enough of them and you'll win up to $500 or even a $1,050 tournament ticket.

Perfect for the Casual Player

if you're not a hardcore poker grinder playing massive volume everyday it can be tough to earn enough points to win any of the weekly or monthly leaderboard competitions.

If you have a four-hour block free any weekend, though, this gives you a great chance.

The new Sit & Go Quick-Fire Leaderboards will run in four-hour blocks from Friday at 4:00 p.m. CET to 11:59 p.m. CET on Sunday. Leaderboards start Friday July 14.

Play any Sit & Go (except Heads-Up, Sit & Go Hero and Sit & Go hero Special Edition games) during the qualification times and you'll accumulate points.

Each four-hour leaderboard awards cash prizes to the top five points earners. The top 10 are all entered into a random prize draw to win a free tournament ticket.

Play 12 or more Sit & Go tournaments in one 4-hour chunk and you'll be entered into a draw for a $10,000 package to the Caribbean Poker Party.

Low, Medium and High Buy-In Levels

As usual on partypoker the Sit & Go Quick-Fire Leaderboards are split into three buy-in levels so all levels of players have a chance to win.

All SnGs with a $5.50 buy-in or less qualify for the Low leaderboard, $11, $22 and $55 qualify for the Medium leaderboard and $109 and above count for the High leaderboard.

The top cash prizes at each level are $80, $160 and $500 respectively. The top tournament tickets prizes are 2 x $22, 2 x $109 and $1,050. See the partypoker SnG Quick-Fire Leaderboards for the full prize distribution. 

Just play in a Sit & Go tournament on partypoker on the weekends and you'll earn points for the leaderboard.

Points are based on the following formula where “n” is the number of players in the Sit & Go, the buy-in is the cost of the Sit & Go buy-in and the rank is your finishing position in the tournament:

10 * [√n/√rank] * [1+log (buy-in+0.25)]

Win a few Sit-n-Gos and obviously your chances to get into the Top 5 or 10 increase dramatically but everyone still has a shot at the dozens of prizes on offer.

Good luck at the tables!


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