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Get Up to 40% of Your Rake Back Every Week on partypoker

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With a booming new live tour, a massive new online Powerfest and a growing pro team out in the poker world listening to players and creating good will, partypoker seems set on becoming the #1 online poker site in the world again.

What more can they offer to bring poker players back in droves?

How about up to 40% rakeback every week based on how many partypoints you earn.

Memories of a Bygone Era

Back in 2006, before the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act came into existence partypoker (or Party Poker, as it was known then) was the dominant force on the online poker scene.

They had some of the best games, adequate software and a corner on the poker market few had yet to approach. After willingly (and wisely) leaving the US poker market due to the vagueness of the UIGEA, partypoker dropped down a notch or two while PokerStars and Full Tilt soared.

Now, it seems partypoker is on its way back to the top - and its bringing some of those player favorites from the mid-2000s back with them.

One of them, of course, is a Live Tour that caters to the comfort and whims of the players above all. And that also includes an expansive lineup of online satellites offering average players a chance to play in those big live events on the cheap.

Another important revisionary practice? Giving players ACTUAL CASH BACK in their accounts at the end of every week.

How Does It Work?

Pretty simply, actually. Being loyal and playing most of your weekly online poker action at partypoker is the way to do it.

When you play real-money poker at partypoker - cash games or tournaments - you earn 1 point for every $1 of rake (or fees) you generate.

Earn a minimum of 25 points in any week and you'll now qualify for cash back into your account. Cash that will be paid out every Monday DIRECTLY INTO your partypoker account.

At the 25 point level up to the 100-point level your percentage is 20%, or $5-$20 back into your account. From the 150 point level to the 500-point level, that percentage jumps to 25%.

600-1,000 points will net you 30% back and 1,200 and above gets you 40%. At 2,000 points that's $800 back per week - and it doesn't stop there.

When you reach a new points tier, all the cash back for that week is paid out at the new higher percentage.

How Do You Get In On It?

Also easy: You just opt-in every week in the ‘Rewards’ section.

If you’ve already earned points that week, before you opt in, those points still count toward your rakeback.

Good system, yeah? Start up a new partypoker account via our review to get in on it and get yourself up to a $500 sign-up bonus for real play at the tables.