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Flopomania Goes Live on 888poker to Big Demand; Win $100k!

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No pre-flop betting round and 15% more hands per hour?

If fast action and seeing lots of flops is your idea of a dream poker game, 888poker's new Flopomania will likely make you very happy.

The new fast-paced No-Limit Hold'em variation made its debut on 888poker this past weekend and, if the early numbers are an indication, it's going to see a lot of action over the Fall season.

On top of the massive XL Eclipse series, hundreds of 888Live qualifiers and the smash successes of BLAST and SNAP poker it adds up to 888poker cinching its hold on the 2nd-most popular online poker site in the world.

What's Flopomania?

If you haven’t heard of Flopomania yet, here are the basics: It's just like standard No-Limit Hold'em except there is no pre-flop play.

Everybody is dealt two hole cards and is required to put a small ante in. All players pay the ante - there are no small and big blinds paid. 

After everyone at the table has their two hole cards the flop is dealt immediately.

As you might guess that adds a whole new set of variables into the post-flop betting rounds, which now resume as normal.

More money is in the pot, more random hands can now have powerful holdings and everybody can hang around in hands a lot longer.

In short: it's action, action and more action with no shortage of surprise monsters you can find in your hand.

11% Increase in Traffic, 15% More Hands per Hour

Flopmania2 Lobby

The intrigue of the game brought a ton of players on to 888poker on Sunday to try it out for the first time

Compared to a normal poker Sunday on 888poker, traffic was up 11%. And it was the busiest day for active cash game tables so far in 2017.

As you might expect it was also the day with the most flops ever seen on 888poker but it also lead to a 15% increase in the average hands played per hour. That's a major - and noticeable - uptick for the average player. And something much in demand for both pros and recreational players.

“The first day of Flopomania was a blast, no pun intended,” said 888poker Ambassador Dominik Nitsche. “The timing was perfect as players logged on to play online tournaments like the Mega Deep and Whale and had the opportunity to check out a new game - one with a unique twist."

Your Chance to Win $100,000

If you're interested in giving Flopomania a go and you've yet to create an account at 888poker, simply click on the link on the side of this article and you'll instantly be eligible for our $888 sign-up bonus.

Register and create a new account via the link and you'll be automatically credited with the first $400 to your pending bonus account

Use the extra promo code FLOPOMANIA10 and you’ll also be entered into a new scratch card lottery for a chance to win $100,000!

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