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It’s the Holy Grail every poker player – at least those interested in making money – is looking for: A bottomless table filled with endlessly bad players and unlimited bankrolls.

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If you’re ever sat at a poker table even approaching those conditions you know how hard it is to get up and leave.

The truth, though, is those “games of a lifetime” are getting increasingly hard to find.

But with millions of poker players around the globe - and more going the fold every day - there are still plenty of opportunities out there to find incredibly soft and easy to win games.

Especially with dozens of emerging poker nations, like China, India and several in Eastern Europe, just starting to get their feet wet in poker. If you play online on a global network you’ll have no problem finding some very, very soft games.

Luck vs. Skill

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Although luck plays its part in poker – and always will - the money usually ends up with the skilled player in the long run.

Much like the classic “you only have to outrun your friend, not the bear” joke, you don’t necessarily have to be the most skilled player in the world to make a profit. You just have to be better than those sitting around the table with you.

Regardless of what skill level you're at right now, if you choose games where you have the edge – where your level of poker knowledge is just a little bit better than the other players – over the long run, you’ll win.

With so many poker players online day after day, night after night, across so many online poker sites, it's always possible to find soft and easy-to-win tables.

Our editors have put in the countless hours required to know just where those games are, and this toplist shows the poker rooms with the most lucrative games at the moment.

This is always subject to change, of course. But once you’ve learned the tricks of the trade and how to spot a table of fresh fish, you’ll never run dry.

Where are the Easiest-to-Win Online Poker Games?

For some reason, certain poker sites have always attracted more bad players than others. It could be a lot of inexperienced poker players drifting in from the casino or sportsbook after a big win (or a big loss).

It could be a ton of poker bonuses or promotions directed at and focusing on bringing in a lot of new players. It could be something as simple as just the brand name or color scheme.

There are some poker sites that are traditionally hot spots for weaker poker players. 888poker, formally known as Pacific Poker, is one of them. Party Poker is another – at least over the past few years.

The largest poker site in the world, PokerStars, has traditionally been known as shark-infested waters although the introduction of the Jackpot Spin & Gos has certainly brought its own influx of weaker players back into the fold.

Overall, if you stick to the lowest-stakes games (ie below $1/$2) on any poker site you’ll find heaps of low-level poker play you can easily take advantage of with just a few simple strategy stand-bys.

Poker Rooms: How Do I Find an Easy to Win Table?

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So, how do you tell an easy-to-win table from one full of sharks? Actually, most poker rooms provide just the right tools to distinguish the best tables right in the lobby.

Statistics such as view-flop percentages and average pot size are both very useful figures to start out with and are generally available in most poker site lobbies.

The view-flop percentage shows how many players go on to see the flop on average. A high average indicates that a few of the players at the table are playing too many hands. If the average pot is larger than usual, it could mean that the players at the table are overly aggressive and go too far with mediocre holdings.

Playing against tough opponents is a great way to improve your game - but good table selection is the easiest way to win.

Another good way to ensure you can find easy-to-win tables whenever you play is to take good advantage of the “notes” function available at virtually every poker site.

As soon as you sit with a poker player you think is worse than you, make a note. It’s great if you can notice a few of his or her tendencies/specific weak spots, but just a color-coded note that says “weak” is often enough.

Next time you log in, if you see that player at a table, you know where to try and find a seat. The more bad players you find, the more notes you make, the more those colors will pop up in the lobby each time you log in.

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