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Choosing an Online Poker Room - How to Choose the Right Poker Room Online - PokerRoomsOnline.com

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There are many poker rooms to choose from on the Internet. Most poker rooms are part of a network, which means that they share game server and player base with a number of other poker rooms. There are approximately 30-35 such networks and over 100 poker rooms.

Things to consider when choosing an online poker room:

  • Quality of poker room software. It is important to feel comfortable at the table. Things like playability, graphics and general look and feel varies between poker rooms.
  • Value of bonuses offered to players by the online poker room. This includes sign-up bonuses, loyalty bonuses, re-load bonuses, tournaments with added value, etc.
  • Competence of the people managing the card room as well as the quality of its customer support. It means a lot if cash-outs are fast and the staff helpful.
  • Traffic at the site. If only a few players are logged in it may be difficult to find a game that suits you. To clear a bonus you may be tempted to play at stakes that are too high, or play a game you do not master that well.
  • Variety of the games offered. A wide spectrum of stakes, poker variations, and tournaments makes it easier to find games that suit you.

Put them to the test

You might have to try a number of poker rooms to find one that you prefer. Playing on several rooms can also be a good idea in order to profit from more bonuses. When signing up to a new site, try to get a bonus to clear while testing it, and then decide if the site is worth playing at.