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Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul Crushes His Global Poker League Debut

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After 8 weeks of waiting, actor Aaron Paul finally made his debut in the Global Poker League.

And what a debut it was.

After the initial online segment of the first-ever GPL season finished last week just one of the 72 players signed up to the league had yet to play - Paul.

He remedied that this past Monday when he debuted in the first live heads-up match of the 33-day Summer Series in Las Vegas.

Featuring cross-conference play in the GPL's signature new playing arena, The Cube, it was a big moment for the league and both the set-up and Paul delivered big time.

Not only did Paul defeat his heads-up opponent, Paris Aviators manager Fabrice Soulier, 2-1, he showed plenty of skill and plenty of personality for the cameras.

Part Game Show, Part eSports, Part Poker

After some somewhat traditional six-max and heads-up matches to start the season, the real twist of the GPL showed itself with the introduction of The Cube.

Looking like it was plucked from the set of a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire-type game show, players stood inside the one-way mirrored Cube facing each others with iPads on stand-up podiums in front of them.

With rapid-fire deals, a subtle heartbeat/soundtrack in the background and plenty of banter between the players, the games were tense to say the least.

Once the initial strangeness for both players and viewers wore off the play settled down as well with Paul taking the first match and Soulier battling back to win the second.

An epic 109-hand third match saw Paul pull ahead and stay ahead for most of it before finally finishing Soulier off.

It was an impressive show for the amateur player who, despite playing "seriously" for 12 or so years, was still facing a much more established player.

In the end he scooped 6 points for his team, the LA Sunset, and provided a big PR coup for the new league.

You can watch a full replay of his match on the Global Poker League website here. Check out some more photos from the match below: