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Big Game Booms at Bellagio: Gus, Ivey, Daniel Play $2k/$4k

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Usually when the World Series of Poker wraps in Las Vegas, poker players beat it for the airport.

The money dries up, they go back across the country, back across the world, back to their underground or local card rooms.

Not this year, apparently. According to Daniel Negreanu in a recent blog post, in fact, the biggest cash games are still booming - with no end in sight.

Gus, Antonius, Ivey, Harman All Swing for Fences

Not only is the game playing big, with $1,500/$3,000 blinds going up to $2k/$4k in the wee hours, it's playing like an old school reunion, Negreanu says.

Doyle Brunson, Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson and Jennifer Harman have all been regulars in the game, along with a revolving group of 30+ players still in town to play.

The game itself is running at Bellagio, he says, with a total of 11 games in the mix:

Omaha 8
Stud 8
2-7 Triple Draw
Pot Limit Omaha
No Limit Hold'em
2-7 No Limit Single Draw
2-7 Razz

Prop bets and straddles are all common, Negreanu says, making it feel like a real "golden era" poker game. His second night in the action he ended up losing $436k on props alone while winning $50k in the game itself.

The surge of big-action and the lineup, with Gus and Phil in particular, reminded Negreanu of one of his favorite cash-game sessions ever.

It happened over a decade ago down in San Diego where Negreanu, Ivey and Gus played an epic, all-night session. The end result, he said, was "three young bulls bulls going to battle in a dinky little casino in a remote part of San Diego playing for millions... with $1 chips. I can't say that I remember any other cash game session as vividly as I do that one."

How it went down:

"After the tournament, a $4000-$8000 cash game broke out. The problem was, nobody brought enough money to buy chips to play a game that size, so we all agreed to play with $1 chips and settle up back in Las Vegas. This requires a lot of trust and I don't think I've ever seen anything like it since.

"It was a full game for a while, but about 12 hours in it was down to just me, Phil Ivey, and Gus Hansen. We were playing the 8-Game mix with a $100k cap in the big bet games with blinds at $10000-$2000. Needless to say, the swings were big, and they happened rapidly.

"At probably 8am Phil looks over at me and says, "You broke your cherry huh?" I had no idea what he was talking about. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"He then says, 'You hit beantown. First time you ever been stuck a big bean?' I still wasn't quite sure what the hell he was talking about, then it dawned on me that I was stuck $1.3 million in the game while Ivey was all smiles. I guess a 'big bean' is a million. Good to know.

"He was right, it was the first time I was down over a million in a poker game, and yet I was thoroughly enjoying the battle. We ended up playing well over 24 hours and I put on a late rush scooping back-to-back three way capped PLO pots and snuck all the way out of the hole."

Read Negreanu full take on it right here.