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If you’re tired of the bloated, ad-heavy, pay-to-win online poker games that frequent app stores, it’s time for you to check out Appeak Poker.

Appeak is pure play-money poker at its best.

Appeak Poker is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices and offers a complete No-Limit Hold’em experience without all the clutter.

You don’t even have to sign up for an account. Just pick up and play, and you won’t have to subscribe to an annoying email list or anything like that.

The software is lightweight and very snappy once you’ve got it set up on your device. The lobby is easy to navigate and it’s easy to find a game without being overwhelmed by a plethora of options.

Appeak Poker offers a variety of No-Limit Hold’em play-money stakes plus Sit & Go tournaments.

The software even features a four-color deck option in addition to an easy-to-use bet slider.

Appeak Poker brings players from all over the world to play and one of its flagship features is the “Duels” game, which allows you to represent your country while playing heads-up.

If you decide to sign up for an account you’ll gain access to more chips, tournaments and a few other options.

Bottom line: Appeak Poker is a fantastic, risk-free way to learn how to play poker.


Best Selling Features:

Uncluttered poker app

Simple software

No ads or bloatware

Easy to run

International player pool

Support for Android and Apple devices

Appeak Poker Software

Sometimes more isn’t necessarily better.

The Appeak Poker software is refreshingly simple and nearly everyone should be able to figure out how to get into a poker game in seconds.

You’ll be able to play plenty of No-Limit Hold’em play-money games, tournaments and even heads-up duels.

A great deal of the Appeak games are 5- or 6-handed, which is great for action and actually helps players learn faster because it’s not the non-stop folding of nine-handed.

Once you’re playing you’ll have access to poker standbys such as customizable avatars, four-color decks and a slick betting slider.

Of course the streamlined Appeak software doesn’t have a ton of options. You’re limited to just Hold’em with no PLO or Seven-Card Stud. Don’t expect to play any fast-fold variants or big multi-table tournaments wither. Multi-tabling is also not an option.

Mobile Poker

Appeak is of course designed solely for mobile devices including Apple iPhones and iPads and most Android tablets and smart phones.

The software is not resource-heavy so you should be able to run it on older devices no problem.

Once you sign up for an account you can log into the Facebook app to play from your desktop.



Appeak Poker offers solid, if not spectacular, traffic for a mobile poker app.

You’ll generally be able to find a game running, especially in the smaller stakes, but the big games are sometimes a little harder to find. In some ways it’s reminiscent of a live casino where you’ll want to check to see what games are running.

Fortunately there’s always at least something running so you’ll always be able to scratch that poker itch.


Appeak PokerTournaments

Appeak Poker offers a number of Sit & Go tournaments to players who actually go through the sign-up process.

The SnG tournaments are fun, fast and a great way to build your play-money bankroll. There are no multi-table tournaments on Appeak quite yet but there is a tab and that feature is likely to be added in the future.

On the bright side Appeak does have some unusual Sit & Go variants including Bingo Bango and Double Up.

Bingo Bango is a winner-takes-all Sit & Go while Double Up simply let’s half the field double their buy-in.

Definitely some interesting options.


Soft Competition

Appeak Poker offers rather standard competition for a play-money app.

If anything the players on Appeak tend to be a bit tougher than some of the big play-money sites, which is actually quite helpful when you’re learning to play poker.

Once you’ve learned to successfully beat some of the bigger games on Appeak it’s likely time to look into making a small deposit on a real-money online site if you really want to compete against serious competition.


Promos and Freerolls

Appeak Poker gives away 4,000 extra chips every day but you can always buy more for real-cash starting at 200,000 for $5.49, which isn’t too bad. You don’t have to purchase anything, however, to be competitive at Appeak.


VIP Perks

You can play as a guest for as long as you want on Appeak Poker but there are a number of benefits for signing up for a full account. They include:

Access to all tables

Choose your own player name

Send and receive friend requests

Log in on the Facebook and Android App



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