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888 Pacific Poker Celebrates 8/8/8 - PokerRoomsOnline.com

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08/08/08 is a magic date at Pacific Poker, the poker room operated by the gaming company 888.com. In Chinese tradition, 8 is the lucky number and therefore the 8th of August 2008 has to be the luckiest day of all, at least according to Pacific Poker.


To celebrate the special day, Pacific Poker hosts a series of tournaments with $20,000 in guaranteed prize pools each on every day surrounding the 8th of August. The buy-in to these tournaments is only $50 + $5, but if you feel really lucky, you can also qualify for as little as $2 + $0.20.

The celebrations are concluded with a massive $88,888 guaranteed tournament, and to draw an even bigger crowd to the tournament, the buy-in has been lowered to just $88+$8 instead of the usual $120+$12. Of course, if you want to qualify for an even smaller amount, satellites are available from $0.88+$0.08.

Other than the large tournaments, players with 88 FPPs (Frequent Player Points) get a chance to win a free seat in the 888.comPoker Open in Maidstone, England in October.